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This is the story of how I came to have sex with a man for the first time and I found my bi side. This happened in 2001. Until then 'd never considered having sex with other people. I ' m not homophobic and gay friends. I Do not 't fancy for men the idea of ​​sex with a man before in my head. Then I met Clive. I lived a hotel during a training course near Reading. I ' d been there before, and once hit a woman who had a conversation in the bar of fortune, but that' s another story. So instead of staying in my room, I entered the bar and had some food and a beer. There was hardly anyone there - certainly not a single woman anyway. So I sat and jennymovies watched the highlights of cricket. If I have jennymovies a sad aspect of my life that ' s it ' ma fan of cricket. After 20 minutes or so a man came and sat beside me and the intent, jennymovies obviously, with the observation. We started jennymovies talking, about everything we saw. He had left after the high points, I asked if I thoughtanother beer. Of course you do. So we had a few pints and I realized that ' s married and not far from where I live. As in industry, and we soon realized that he knew many of them through our work. He told me that ' s been in the hotel many times. Then he winked and said ' sort of' often. I laughed and told me I had to do. Then he suggested I go to his room for a drink, having a bottle of whiskey there. The I am surprised, as jennymovies he entered his room, so I had to half. was served whiskey and two glasses. I sat in the chair while he sat on the bed. We chatted for a while, then looks to ' Bluey ' has been proposed in the hotel movie channel. W had a drink and had to watch porn. It was a very good movie and 3sum. At that time we both drank a lot and although not drunk, I was pretty relaxed. The best place was to watch TV from the bed, so I suggested it Clive. We placed side band side and I could tell that porn had turned against him when I was there. He focused a lot and maybe I had forgotten I was there when his hand went into his lap and rubbed his penis through his jeans. Or perhaps you have forgotten 't. When they do, I realized how hard and excited I felt. He looked at me and asked me if I was okay, when unzipped. Before I could answer, I did and had a very handsome cock hard and slowly began to masturbate. I ' d never seen in my life with another man' jennymovies s erect cock before. Then on the other hand came up and started to rub my belly. She said how hard it opened my zip y. I Do not 't stop it. He took my penis jennymovies and stroked it, and my God, I felt good. So I was surprised. I approached him and grabbed him by the tail. He said he felt fine. I ' d just left the porn and wonder what will happen. jennymovies Clive made ​​it easier for me. He sat down and took off his jeans. Ithe same. So we stayed in bed and masturbated each other. Clive stopped and pushed me on my back. I knew what I was doing. Gradually, he took my cock in her mouth. I was sucked by a man and a wonderful feeling. Didn 't take too long until I felt my cock swelling and I had a massive orgasm. I heard him suck cock, and drank my cum. Of this there must have been much. then asked if Clive would like to return the compliment. Although not cum yet I was excited. So lay back. I took his cock in my hand. It was very difficult. The ' s raw like me, but until then I 'd ' t he noticed was jennymovies shaved. As I masturbated for a while, and looked. I decided it was time to try oral so I lowered my head and took a cock in my mouth for jennymovies the first time feels right. I sucked, but to be honest I had no idea what he was doing. He told me to be harder and faster, so rubbing her shaft and sucked his bell end, and soon began to pant and writhing. I knew I was about to cum, but I ' never saw another man cum. I had a nice salty taste of what I know now is, pre -cum in my mouth. Suddenly he pulled the body and tail rigid and swollen, as he shot his sperm into my mouth. it took a little surprised and had no more cum in my mouth that I could comfortably handle. but I was surprised how well he knew. I swallowed some, but most fall of the mouth. the Clive kissed me. His back hard now. As more and more passionate than kissed me, pushing on the back. straddled me and asked me ' would take it. I ' had had anal sex with women several times, but I can ' t say it was my favorite. he reached into the bedside table and took some lube and a condom. 'd, obviously, with the hope of some kind of action. he jennymovies is in a bit of lube and put a condom on my dick. Then he sat on me jennymovies and my cock slid into it. the feeling of my cock inside it was amazing. when aThe woman is on top I like to push hard, but Clive stopped me. Had to be there with my dick in it. But it felt good. Very good. He jennymovies begins to masturbate and I could see his penis was getting bigger and heavier again. I tried to reach it by hand because I wanted to feel, and I needed something to focus on, I stop running. Clive I went up and down very slowly, but he was so strong that it could 't stop, and I found myself with an orgasm, even better than when I sucked. Shock waves ripped through me and the feeling was indesricable. I could feel my cock swelling and the union, and he shot my heart souck. Just as he finished, he saw his cock shrink. It was very hard and did not touch 't. I reached out and took it in hand. Suddenly, he began to shoot hot cum running over my hand jennymovies and some flew to my chest and face. Finally he stopped and pulled me out of care when. He licked me honors. I have some in my mouth. WeWheezing. Clive asked me if I 'd enjoyed it and I said 'what happened there. That was unbelievable. ' I said it was my first time with a man who said he had the honor of presenting to me the joys of man to man sex. He asked if I 'd do jennymovies it again. 'Yes,' he said. And I did. Many times. I ' m addicted
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